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Suzanne's Breast Cancer Charity Trek - free earrings to all who donate, read to the end xx

Back in January, I was on Instagram and saw a post about Coppafeel, the Breast Cancer Charity Trek. After reading loads of reviews, about their previous treks, a couple of glasses of wine later and having been a supporter of the charity for the last few years I decided to apply. Never did I think for one minute I would be offered a place……..

However I am excited to say I was offered a place and after a little bit of hesitation, a few ‘what are you doing'?’ comments from friends and family I decided to accept and therefore in November I will be trekking a 100km across the Sahara Dessert.

Anyone who knows me, or for those of you, who do not this is a massive challenge for me and one which is way out of my comfort zone, I barely own a pair of trainers, never mind walking boots.

Walking Boots bought and I am now officially in training for the challenge……albeit under slightly difficult circumstances with the current lockdown.

Our daily exercise has become training, with my 6 year old twins firmly in the role as my training team (there so strict)….and even though we can’t quite get the temperatures I will be facing in the Sahara we have been able to start working on the distance and have been enjoying long walks and bike rides.

Over the next few weeks, in lockdown I intend to get even more imaginative with my training and welcome any ideas for training and fundraising.

So what actually have I let myself in for…..

Well the trek will take place in November (all been well under current circumstances) and we will cover 100km passing through Morocco’s forbidding landscape which is punctuated by peaks, gorges, dunes and oases. At night we will be sleeping under Africa’s stars, and enjoying the traditional Berber hospitality.

This challenge will go beyond the Jebel Saghro region, starting on the Maider El Kbir plateau, before ascending Jebel El Mrakib, where we will be able to admire the stunning views. We will be walking through palm gorges, where the route will join the dry Rhris River and head towards an oasis of tamarisk trees. Our final days will be spent trekking along the Tikertouachene River, before celebrating a successful end to the challenge in Ouarzazate.

The trek has been described to me as challenging, unforgiving, and life-changing.

So why take on the challenge, well the trek is organised to fundraise for Coppafeel Breast Cancer Charity, a charity which takes a modern day approach about educating us all to check our breasts more often, for early signs of breast cancer… the earlier you catch it, really does save lives. I have had friends and family affected by cancer, and as much as we are all focused on the pandemic at the moment, cancer doesn’t care about Covid-19,and people are still been diagnosed daily and will still continue to be diagnosed once the pandemic has ended. Coppafeel Charity offers such amazing support to those diagnosed with the disease as well as education surrounding early detection… more than ever charities need all our support.

Personally, the trek is a huge challenge for me, and my ultimate motivation is my kids. Daddy is always the one taking on challenges from bike rides, to triathlons and not that I’m competitive or anything but I wanted to show them that mummy can take on a challenge as well……maybe could have started with something slightly less challenging but I really hope a 100km trek in the Sahara proves to them mummy can do challenges as well.

Any donations however small, really are appreciated. If you are able to donate, please comment below that you have donated with #ybyf

, and as a special thank you I will send you a pair of our earrings from Thanks Suzanne.

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