Introducing the Bibado coverall weaning bib – a must-have for weaning babies

Our all-new coverall bib features extra-soft waterproof material and a clever design to ensure your baby or toddler is always comfy at mealtimes and their clothes remain clean, dry and stain-free. Weaning your baby is a wonderful period, but it’s not without its downsides. Food down the clean clothes you’ve just got out of the drawer, food down the sides of the highchair, food down the joints and crevices of the highchair, food down on the floor and getting into carpet fibres & food down the dog’s gullet.

Blossom Pink - BIBaDO Coverall Bib

  • Totally waterproof

    Suitable for the whole of your weaning jeourny.

    Fits Most Highchairs

     Wipe clean, machine washable (40) and tumble drier safe (low)

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