Pack of four animal pouches (140ml).


Save money and be healthier, making your own food for the kids, avoiding processed foods and snacks. These reusable pouches just need washing when they've been used to refill and use time and again, saving money and the environment.


  • Because Nom Nom pouches open wide at the side, they are easy to fill.
  • They're easily cleaned via that wide opening.
  • Save money by batch cooking purees, smoothies or puddings.
  • Use them with a spoon, or older babies and toddlers can eat straight from the pouch.
  • They won't leak due to a double zip closure.
  • Anti-choke caps give you peace of mind.


The reusable pouches are also freezer safe and dishwasher safe, and can be put in hot water for warming.

Nom Nom reusable weaning pouches

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