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Sophie has 10 years experience in promoting healthy eating and weaning, and now delivers weaning parties across Yorkshire. If you have any questions please  get in touch

The NHS recommends to start weaning around 6 months of age, before 6 months babies get all the nutrients they need from breast milk or formula.
At 6 months the baby should be able to swallow more easily and have a digestive tract developed enough to digest food.
  • let them enjoy touching and holding the food

  • allow your baby to feed themselves, using their fingers, as soon as they show an interest

  • it may take time for your baby to accept a new food – keep trying, as it may take several attempts

  • don't force your baby to eat – wait until the next feed if they're not interested this time

  • if you're using a spoon, wait for your baby to open their mouth before you offer the food – your baby may like to hold a spoon too

  • allow your baby to go at their own speed

  • start by offering just a few pieces or teaspoons of food, once a day

  • cool hot food and test it before giving it to your baby

  • don't add sugar or salt (including stock cubes) to your baby's food or cooking water

  • always stay with your baby when they are eating in case they start to choke

3 signs your baby is ready for weaning

  • They can sit in a seated position and hold their head steady

  • They have hand eye co-ordination to take an object to their mouth (usually starts with chewing toys)

  • They have an interest in food.

These usually occur around 6 months, if you feel you are ready to start weaning before 6 months, please contact your Health visitor

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