'We had a private weaning party as an NCT class. Sophie was very friendly and answered all our questions thoroughly. We all came away feeling very confident for our weaning journey to begin.'
Lucy Tyler, May 10th 2019

'I loved our workshop, I felt comfortable asking questions which has led to a wonderful weaning experience so far, Hazel just loves food!'
Ros Fellows, May 2019

'Would HIGHLY recommend to any parent with any questions / concerns / generally wanting a bit more information about weaning. The workshops are very informal and relaxed - zero judgement too! Sophie is a wealth of knowledge and you’d be mad not to book in! Thank you so much - I was really nervous about the whole process but now I feel a lot more confident and relaxed.'
Hannah Conway. May 2019

'Had a private workshop with Sophie and our NCT group yesterday, babies are all around 4 months old so it was really good to get some guidance on weaning before we start.
Was a really relaxed session so I felt very comfortable asking questions. Also came away with some good info packs so not relying on baby brain! I'd definitely recommend these to other friends approaching weaning age.
I certainly feel a lot more confident about weaning and how to get started. I think I'm actually looking forward to it now 😊'

Helen Ingram, June 2019

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