Weaning workshops -  relaxed and informative sessions. Advising on the recommended guidelines, but valuing that each child is different. All our trainers are mums themselves, so have been in your position and share the information they wish they had been told!

Sessions are run in the community or from your home for a group of friends.

Little Puddings- Highly recommended, Delicious and nutritious meals for babies and toddlers. Quick, easy and healthy. Made by hand using Yorkshire produce. Ideal for busy families.

All of our meals are made by hand in small batches with

  • No added salt or sugar

  • Frozen for freshness

  • All with small lumps, ideal for babies and toddlers learning about textures

  • Hand chopped not blended

  • Water only used in cooking, not to thin down the texture.

  • Use straight from the freezer

  • Ready for the table in 5 minutes

  • Full of fresh Yorkshire ingredients

  • Red Tractor assured Yorkshire meat

  • Minimal packaging

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