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Join our affiliates scheme

Yorkshire Born Yorkshire Fed’s affiliate scheme rewards like-minded companies for helping to promote our fabulous weaning workshops. You will earn commission each time a visitor makes a workshop booking on our website, using your unique discount code.

We will offer your clients a 10% discount, and for every referral using your personal code, you will get 10% back.

Our affiliates

Our most successful affiliates are those whose audience is similar to ours. We work with lots of companies that provide mum and baby classes or groups, including:

  • Baby massage

  • Baby first aid

  • Baby swimming

  • Mum and baby exercise classes

  • Mum and baby groups

Affiliates image.png


There are a few advantages to joining our affiliate scheme.

  • It’s free and easy to join.

  • 10% commission rate.

  • Average commission is £2.25 per workshop booking.

  • 10% discount for a related service for your clients

How to join the scheme

The affiliate scheme is free and easy to join. To apply, all you need to do is fill out our short application form. You’ll then be invited to watch a 15 minute online information video that explains the programme. You also have the option to attend a full weaning workshop to help explain what you will be promoting and to feel confident that you are working with a programme which links in with your personal business ethics.

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