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Group bookings



We offer exclusive group bookings. Delivered in your own home or from a local community venue, we can come to you - preparing you, your group, and your babies for weaning.


Following any of our sessions, you can also access a free 15-minute private call with Sophie our lead Infant Feeding Advisor, who can talk you through any concerns. 

If you have a group of friends who are embarking on the weaning journey, get in touch to book a private group session 07794538759. Prices start at £30 per person for a 2 hour workshop, and are dependant on location.

Sessions can be run online and face-to-face. Babies, of course, are welcome and free (partners are half-price at group sessions)! We cover most of Yorkshire, and are happy to come out to you).

If you have specific requirements ie CMPA or other concerns, we highly recommend a 1-2-1 session.


All of our sessions are relaxed and interactive and we encourage you to ask questions.


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NCT groups

We know how fabulous NCT classes can be for expectant parents, and the friendships often extend far beyond the birth of your baby. Our trainers have lots of experience speaking to NCT and similar groups about moving their babies onto solid foods. It makes sense to book our informative workshop together when all of your babies are at a similar stage.

Your training will be exclusive to your group providing a relaxed environment to ask questions with your friends.

Minimum group size is three or more for online, or five for face-to-face bookings. Price per person is reduced for groups 8 or more adults.

We can also accommodate evening and weekend sessions; please contact us with specific requirements.

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