Molly , covering the Leeds area, when shes gets back from maternity leave with her 3rd child 

'I joined Yorkshire Born Yorkshire Fed to fulfil my passion for making healthy living realistic and enjoyable, especially during the first stages of life. I have twin four year olds and a daughter on the way, as well as various qualifications, including university level, in Nutrition and Food Science - both of which have granted me an in-depth understanding in the area. The foundations for healthy habits are formed from infancy, so I am keen to share my extensive knowledge and experience around infant feeding to advise other parents around what could be best for their weaning journey.'

Suzanne - Covering much of West and North Yorkshire

'Beau and Finlay are now 6, and obviously fully weaned, and I’m fortunate enough they both eat healthy with a varied diet, but I clearly remember going through the weaning process, and finding it quite daunting, and a lot of pressure to do Baby Led Weaning. I would have relished the opportunity to attend a weaning workshop, just for some clarity, advice, tips and tricks offered in a non-judgemental setting supported by other mums. The opportunity to work with YBYF gives me that chance to run workshops for other mums, who may be feeling the same I did about weaning, and are looking for somewhere to come along, be able to ask questions, and leave feeling more confident and excited in starting weaning with their little ones.'

Fiona, Covering the Mummy Circle sessions in Wakefield

'My name is Fiona, I have a little girl called Wren who is a fiesty, chatty 2 year old. I am expecting my second child in October. I am a qualified teacher with a specialism in Early Years and I have extensive experience working in children centres and supporting families with children 0 to 5.

I like to spend time crafting, reading and pottering around my allotment when the toddler allows!

My husband is a fantastic cook and we love to eat in our house, although believe me when I say I tried every trick in the book to get Wren to even attempt to eat! I was keen to join Yorkshire Born Yorkshire Fed as my own cooking skills, like most peoples are best described as give it a go! As a parent myself and a proffesional who works with lots of families I feel it's important for parents to have access to good quality, tried and tested advice so they can be confident in the decisions they make for their families and what better place to start than meal times.'

Vicky, covering East Riding and Hull

'I joined Yorkshire Born and Yorkshire Fed to help new parents gain support before they begin their weaning journeys with their babies. I thoroughly enjoyed my own personal journey with my little girl but was a very anxious parent when we began and would have benefited immensely from sessions like these offered by YBYF. I have a background in Primary education and teaching and wanted the challenge of developing my own skills and knowledge around nutrition whilst still earning for my family. YBYF offers this and more and I’m so thrilled to be part of a new, exciting company. '

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